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5-10 Minute Meditation Technique for Stress Relief

Meditating for even just 5 to 10 minutes daily can make a huge impact in your life. Even the busiest of Moms can fit that in right? Learn these simple techniques and you can do them almost anywhere and anytime.

The Power of Your Breath

When meditating it is crucial to breathe properly. Begin by relaxing your mouth, jaws, neck, chest, and shoulders (which should not move up and down if you are breathing properly). Draw the breath in slowly, deeply, and effortlessly down into the lower abdomen, expanding front, back, sides, all the way around, as though there were a balloon sitting in an empty abdominal cavity, and see that balloon inflating all the way around. If you put the palms of your hands behind your back, you can feel the expansion of the lungs even in your back.

If you continue these breaths, slowly and deeply (to the count of 6 or 7) with just a very short beat in between each breath, you will establish a deeply connected state of being. This type of breathing pattern cleanses and heals the body. Even if you practiced this deep breathing technique for just five minutes, a couple of times a day, it has the potential to change your whole life.

The Meditation Technique

Find somewhere quiet where you are able to relax for 5 or 10 minutes. Close your eyes and let your mind empty of all thoughts and do your best to be in the moment.

Breathe in for the count of 6 0r 7 (hold for 1 count) and breathe out for the count of 6 or 7 (whatever feels comfortable and not strained).

Once you have your deep breathing going, if you wish, begin to repeat an affirmation to yourself over and over again while concentrating on the words you are repeating and believe in what you are saying. For example, “I am safe” or I love myself,” are simple yet powerful affirmations.

Or to bring more gratitude into your life simply repeat: “I am so blessed, I am so grateful.”

We have included this guided meditation too if you prefer!



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