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7 Possible Reasons Why You Suffer from Regular Stomach Aches 

Did you know that stress might be the reason behind your frequent stomach aches? Your emotions and moods can cause reactions in your digestive tract which upset your stomach. Managing your stress by exercising regularly, relaxing, meditating and dealing with your emotional pain may all help. 

Lifestyle choices, the foods you eat and beverages you drink can also lead to an upset tummy.

Listed below are 7 possible reasons why your stomach ache keeps returning:

1 – Too Much Caffeine on an Empty Stomach

A lot of people love coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, many of them drink it on an empty stomach. This can lead to all sorts of digestive issues, including a stomach ache. Since morning coffee is part of so many daily routines, this can lead to frequent and recurring stomach problems.

2 – You are Lactose Intolerance

A sensitivity to milk and milk by products is one of the most common negative food reactions. Milk or cream, in your morning coffee or over your cereal, could be causing your regular stomach aches if you suffer from a lactose intolerance.

3 – You Overeat Regularly

When you put too much pressure on your digestive system by consuming too many calories and carbohydrates in one sitting, you could develop a stomach ache. If you overeat on a regular basis, this can logically lead to recurring stomach problems.

4 – Gallstones

 The gallbladder is a small sac located underneath your liver. Its job is to produce bile, which helps you digest fats. Gallstones can form in the gallbladder, causing swelling, blocking and stomach pains, especially after fatty meals. Eat a lot of fatty foods when you have gallstones, and regularly recurring stomach aches are your reward.

5 – Too Much Alcohol 

There are two different ways that consuming alcohol cause frequent stomach aches. Firstly, when you drink too much alcohol it can cause immediate damage to your digestive system. Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to pancreatitis as well. Either of those circumstances can cause regular stomach aches and pains.

6 – GERD 

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly referred to as GERD, can cause frequent stomach aches. Eating too much food, eating too fast or consuming too much fatty food can make GERD symptoms more frequent and aggravating.

7 – Wheat Sensitivity

 An intolerance to gluten and wheat is the most common food sensitivity. Within a couple of hours after consuming foods with wheat or wheat by products, someone suffering from a gluten intolerance will begin to feel nausea, aches and pains in the stomach. Continually eating those foods produces recurring stomach aches.

Last Thoughts

If you are having stomach aches on a regular basis some of the above mentioned causes could be the issue. If your aches continue, we recommend consulting your doctor. 


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