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8 Chances of Becoming a Magician by Following this Guide

Are you a parent who has a child that has not grown out of their magic tricks phase? Maybe you have a serious budding magician on your hands. If you do, this article has the guidance (from a professional magician) you need to make this a reality!

8 Chances of Becoming a Magician by Following this Guide

The universe of magic has long inspired you? Far from being inaccessible, magic can be learned. Begin at any age. Today, you have the opportunity to take several routes to begin learning. 

Take courses in illusionism and close-ups in specialized schools. Start “amateur” in closed clubs. Self-taught, you can also learn on the internet or through reading books. To become a magician, you have to believe in it and give it your all!

1) The Effort Pays

Learning magic requires assiduity and self-confidence. Multiply your appearances in public, starting with your circle of relationships. You must break the ice and build your confidence by getting used to the scene. This is why it is important to prepare each presentation and each number that you propose. If you are with your family, you have the carte blanche on improvisation. You will be less likely to be discredited if everything does not work like clockwork.

2) Becoming a Magician: the Required Qualities

A magician oversees several personalities. He is a charmer, a comedian, an excellent speaker, a manipulator and a true animator. You will understand that the technique alone is not enough to become a magician. You have to improve your speech, learn to optimize your presentation. 

The first seconds of appearance on stage are true. Not a false gesture, a misplaced look, or a trembling of hands are allowed. The magician must also take courses in hypnotism and mentalism. These practices are essential to increase your power of magnetism. The magician today is also elegant and intuitive.

3) The Choice of Material

Gather the necessary materials before starting your apprenticeship. Today, the magician no longer relies solely on the rabbit and his assistant to make a number. 

He can use his imagination to personalize each of his appearances on stage. Thus, by varying the accessories, it will captivate the attention of the public. Visuals, whatever the tools used, the important thing is to make an impression.

4) Where to go to train?

Vary the places where you will be going to familiarize yourself with the scene. Even if you already have some knowledge acquired in magic, develop them to gain performance. Meet professional magicians at the hobby clubs.

These are real resources to improve your techniques and find new inspirations. If you do not have the opportunity to attend, think about online training. By browsing the web, you will find an infinity of suggestions.

5) Specializations

Know that magic is a very vast universe. You can practice magic to entertain, to read thoughts or to make predictions. 

It is therefore, necessary at one point to specialize in a specific area to become a professional. In close-up or on stage, there are several possible practices. Card tricks, illusionism, ventriloquism are all avenues for reflection.

Some disciplines require intensive practice before considering a show tour.

6) Staying an Amateur or Becoming a Professional

There are hundreds of thousands of magicians in France. Only 800 of them choose to pursue a professional career. The rest are interested in magic as pure distraction.

Would you like to become a professional magician or would you just like to learn a few tricks to impress your friends? This question will help you to measure the efforts to be deployed according to the purpose.

7) Keep all Practices in Writing

In each learning step, note-taking is essential to remember completed tricks. Keep your learning book as a guest book, as it will be valuable for future productions. It is best to reserve a few pages for the special numbers in order to locate them more easily.

8) The Intermittent Status of the Show

Are you ready to become a professional magician? Get an intermittent show status to practice your trade full time and without borders. This status will allow you to have professional recognition and easily multiply contracts.

What’s up, I’m Adam. I’m a Magician living in Australia. For 12 years I’ve worked with global brands, world banks and international events delivering a unique attitude of magic, mind-reading and spoken word. From mental health initiatives to sustainability programs, the magic of my work leaves its impression on the hearts of those who bless me with their audience.

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