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Best Practices for Handling Breast Milk

This is a great article from babygearlab explaining how best to handle your breast milk safely. From pumping to storage (in order to keep it free from bacterial overgrowth) and to maintain its full nutritional and immunologic value!

Treat It Like Liquid Gold

There is a reason why breast milk is lovingly referred to as “liquid gold.” Nutritionally and immunologically, there is no contest as to the superiority of human breast milk over formula. Breast milk promotes a healthy infancy and lifespan for both mother and infant. Once a good latch and milk production are established, mom just needs to make sure that she is eating and drinking adequately as well as is physically present when her baby wants to nurse. No milk to warm and no bottles clean, right?

Well, not necessarily. Exclusive breastfeeding, particularly for a prolonged period, can not only be impractical but also impossible for many mothers due to realities of insufficient milk production or a return to work.

Expressing Breast Milk

Whether back to work or separate from baby for some much coveted “me time,” expressing breast milk is something that most mothers tackle to maintain the breastfeeding relationship. Breast pumps, particularly electric over manual, save tons of time and toil compared to hand expression. Even if you are using the best of the best electric pump, however, it is important to understand how to best handle expressed breast milk from pumping to storage to baby drinking in order to keep it free from bacterial overgrowth and to maintain its full nutritional and immunologic value…

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