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Do It Yourself Christmas Gift Ideas & After Christmas Deals

With Christmas upon us gift buying can be quite a chore. The two videos below has some great DIY ideas that you can not only do, to save yourself money, and make a personalized gift, but also involve your family too.

Personalized gifts are so much more special… so why not make this Christmas even more special for those that you love most?



If your still in shopping mode, before (and after) Christmas… Amazon is one of our faves!

With an Amazon Prime Membership you get free 2-day shipping on many items, access to free movies, TV shows, and music, and by shopping at Amazon you can get a huge variety of items all from one place. This makes it a winner for shopping from home if you don’t want to deal with big crowds of people.

Oh… and their return policies are great as well. But don’t forget to check out your local stores as well. All savvy mothers know that the after Christmas deals are well worth the wait and most often are much better than before the “big” day.

Walmart is, as usual, having some killer deals going on for a limited time…so check them out too!

Also, for non-toxic baby or kids supplies, go to Honest Co and Babo Botanicals. Gymboree (kids clothes), Janie and Jack (kids clothes and accessories) and another favorite for babies and kids clothes is (really cool unbranded clothes in primary colors).

Shopping for yourself? Also check out: Shein (bargain clothes), Ava Lea Couture,(top quality clothes), (mix of bargain items, from clothes to toys and beauty), Ecocentric Mom (subscription, as well as natural products), The Spoiled Mama (great products for pregnancy and post pregnancy)!

Toys is Where It’s At: Starting December 26th most retailers that stock the latest toys will need to move all the extras they have that didn’t sell. This is when you can typically get up to 50% off.

Plus, a helpful little hint is to grab these toys after the holiday when you’re still getting together with your friends who have kids or out-of-town family for a gift exchange. Hey, they don’t need to know you didn’t get their gift before the big day!

Here’s some of our favorite categories for gifts and more on Amazon…

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