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Essential Supplements to Help with Postpartum Exhaustion

Feelings of mental and physical fatigue in the weeks and months following delivery are completely normal.  However, when that fatigue impedes upon your ability to carry out simple activities of daily living and overall health and well-being, it may be time to consult your doctor.

Is it normal to feel fatigued several weeks after having a baby?

Yes, the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion are common and may last weeks to even months after the child’s birth. 

Exhaustion can also get in the way of successful breastfeeding. 

Some ways to help this is of course is to get more sleep, ask for help (maybe friends and family can chip in some more), exercise and meditation.  Some other ways include essential nutrients that your body may be depleted of:

Prenatal/postnatal supplements

Continue taking you prenatal vitamins. They usually have magnesium, vitamin C, folic acid and many more important vitamins and minerals which are all super important for your recovery. We believe this one is awesome! 

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins are very important to help with both energy and mood balance. They help our body to manage and heal from stress and exhaustion. We highly recommend Premier Research Max B-ND because it is food-based, vegan and highly absorbable. It has helped many women tackle postpartum fatigue.

Omega-3 DHA + EPA

DHA is as important for postpartum mom as it is for baby. Supplementation helps to replenish precious brain stores of DHA that have been depleted during pregnancy.

EPA is also critically important. It has been shown to support a healthy mood, and studies suggest it supports a healthy postpartum mood in particular. Many women are troubled by mood challenges after giving birth.

While there are many potential interventions for postpartum mood changes, I recommend omega-3 algae oil as an excellent place to start, given its documented ability to support positive mood and well-being during the postnatal period, and throughout life.

Take Testa omega-3 dha epa  algae oil during the postnatal period for—heart health, brain and cognitive function, joint health, eye health, healthy skin and hair, and a healthy immune response.


Another primary cause of postpartum fatigue is anemia, which results from blood loss at the time of delivery. You can rebuild the hemoglobin levels with iron supplements or iron-rich foods. But if you continue to experience exhaustion, seek the help of a doctor. This is a fantastic iron supplement: Floradix Iron & Vitamin Formula Liquid

Greens Powder

I absolutely love the brand Healthforce. I have been taking their Vitamineral greens product for over a decade now! Their Greener Grasses powder has been recommended as healthy and safe while breastfeeding.

According to their website description: Greener Grasses™ is an incredible combination of green grasses. It provides healthy alkaline elements and a large amount of 100% whole food nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals including those that are naturally colloidal and better, chlorophyll, fiber, phytonutrients, and more)!
It contains 5 different forms of 100% pesticide free grown grasses:Whole leaf : Wheat Grass, Barley Grass (naturally occurring fiber) Pure Juices : Alfalfa Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Barley Grass and Oat Grass.


B-12 is also important to help build back the blood after pregnancy and labor. In Chinese medicine, most new mother ailments are caused by deficient blood, both in quality and in volume.

Anything that helps fortify the blood will also support your overall well being and help with exhaustion. We recommend VeganSafe B-12 – Organic Liquid Vegan Vitamin B12 a highly absorbable, fermented and probiotic-based B12!

Nettle Leaf Tea

Nettles taken as a dried herb in either tea or capsule has a very gentle harmonizing tonic action. They are not a quick acting tonic, but work overtime, from several weeks to several months, and help nourish and restore energy.

I like Traditional Medicinals Organic Nettle Leaf tea bags for convenience, however, dried loose leaf tea is stronger. The tea is made by pouring 2/3 cup boiling water over 1 tea bag or 3 teaspoons (4 g) of herb, steeping for five to ten minutes and straining. This dose is repeated twice per day. Nettle needs to be taken for a few months to get the most benefits.

Please note that Stinging Nettle leaf can raise blood sugar, so if you are diabetic, monitor your blood sugar carefully. Some people can be allergic to nettle tea and get a rash. Stop taking the herb If a reaction occurs.

Homeopathic Sleep Aids

There is nothing worse than being woken up by your baby for a feeding and not being able to get back to sleep easily or at all.

Then the baby wakes up three hours later, and it starts all over again. I personally love the mild homeopathic product Calms Forte. It is one of the safest sleep aids out there! Calms are very gentle, do not create any drowsiness, and can be taken as often as needed until you fall back to sleep.

Support yourself however you need Mama, and have the best recovery possible! 



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