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Fun Backyard Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Summertime is all about feeling the sun on your face and getting some fresh air. However, many people stay inside and miss out on what nature has to offer. Here are some fun ways that you and the family can get out there and make some special memories!

Getting Outdoors

Create a family activity day at least once a week. This is the time when all of the family spends time together sharing a fun activity outdoors. The name of the game is injecting some physical activity into your day.

Let everyone choose an activity that they like. Place them on a list. Each time you have an activity day, take one suggestion from the list. What activities can you do as a family that will be rewarding physically and mentally? The easiest and usually most budget friendly ones are those you can do in your backyard or neighborhood.

Bike Rides

If everyone doesn’t know how to ride a bike, this is the perfect time to learn. Bike riding builds up the leg muscles and also your cardiovascular fitness. You can ride and talk about your day. Go to the park and have a leisurely ride.


All you need for this is a hoop and a ball. Have a family pick-up game after dinner or after work. You can divide into teams and play for points. Even better, play games to see who has to do the most chores that week.

This portable basketball system by Lifetime  is  a great option if you need to buy one:


Or if it is too hot you can set up this mini basketball hoop inside if you wish!

How about this super cool basketball trampoline! My best childhood memories are being on a trampoline. However, back then there were no safety nets 🙂

Cool Down Without a Pool

This is the perfect water play table for toddlers!

This is a super funSplashEZ educational pool sprinkler pad for the young ones or if you do not have a pool! Will help cool them down quickly while having heaps of fun 🙂


This is highly recommended and so much fun! You can have up to 6 kids on this inflatable Hydro Water Park.

This water trampoline such a good idea and at $25.38 you really cannot go wrong!


You don’t even have to have your own pool. If there is a neighborhood pool or one at the gym, use it. Doing laps is an easy way to gain muscle tone all over your body while you have fun. Take a water aerobics class as a family. There is no shock to your joints so it benefits both young and old alike. Parents can finally keep up with their kids.

If you need some water activities, check these out:

Kids and adults alike love playing with these water guns. These are great because they are also soft!

You can never go wrong with a popular diving set!

This is an underwater ball. Awesome for many water games!

Why not play water basketball while you cool down?


Keep your baby or toddler safe and happy with this play activity float!

Lounge around in this River Run Inflatable Water Float for kids or adults:

Backyard Games 

Act like a kid again! Play kickball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, blow bubbles and many other games that will make you sweat and give you wonderful memories to hold on to.

Some other entertaining games t0 play are:

The Lawn Darts Game:


Bottle Bash Game:


Portable Corn Hole:


Supersized Pong Game:

Capture the Flag:



Kan Jam

Wowmazing Giant Bubbles set:

Giant Tumbling Timbers:


Outdoor Ring Toss Game:


The ultimate Outdoor Ping Pong Table:


Hiking  – Nature Walk

Kids love exploring the great outdoors! Even though you are having fun and exploring, you are burning tons of calories on a hike. And, you get to learn about nature. See what fun things you can find! Combine it with a camping trip for a fun weekend getaway.

There are lots of activities that the family can do this summer to gain fitness and have some fun. Start with those above and add to the list!

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