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How to Get The Best Results and Benefits on The Keto Diet

The Keto Diet is one of the most talked about and popular diets out there today! This is because people are achieving amazing results from it.

Before we tell you how, let’s talk a little about what the Keto Diet is and its benefits. Then, I promise you we will let you in on some secrets about how to get the best results!

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic diet refers to a form of dieting where high fats, adequate protein and low carbs are consumed. Its aim is to deplete the body’s glycogen reserves so that it relies on fat and protein for energy.

The body then undergoes ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your liver produces a high number of ketones as an alternative fuel source for the brain.

This form of dieting is quite popular! There are dozens of pictures showing before and after results circulating all over social media.

These are some benefits of the keto diet and how it may help in achieving your goals:  

Benefits of Keto

Weight Loss 

Several studies have shown that people on a high fat, low carb diet burn fat at a faster rate than those with a high carb, low fat diet. This is primarily because lower insulin levels caused by the low carb diet (keto), help to remove excess water from the body.

During ketosis, you experience reduced levels of hunger, which can be extremely beneficial in controlling caloric intake, promoting overall weight loss. It has been noted that low carb diets are also effective in reducing visceral fat, primarily stored in the abdominal cavity.  

Mental Performance 

The ketones produced from a low carb diet are a much more efficient source of energy than glucose. Studies have indicated that they can improve cognitive impairment and even help with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The high-fat diet helps to support the balance of essential omega 3s and omega 6s which are vital for optimal brain function. Additionally, ketosis is able to boost mitochondria production and adenosine triphosphate within the brain’s memory cells, thereby improving mental performance and clarity.

Reduced risk of Chronic Disease 

A ketogenic diet can boost the body’s defense against a variety of conditions. By reducing inflammation, and improving mitochondrial function, it can help to mitigate the risk of developing several chronic diseases.

Cancer cells typically possess abnormal mitochondria, which need an increased supply of glycogen. Ketosis allows for normal cells to be fed while starving the cancer cells, as they are unable to utilize the ketones for energy because of their dysfunctional mitochondria.  

Improved Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure significantly increases the risk of several diseases and is a leading cause of deaths worldwide. A low-carb diet has been proven to be more effective than a low-fat diet in reducing blood pressure.

In fact, some claim that it is just as effective as taking pills. This combined with the weight loss derived from a ketogenic diet, is sure to vastly improve cardiovascular health and function.  

It has been proven by numerous studies in the realm of nutrition science, that this form of dieting can have a very positive impact on your overall health and bodily function.

As long as you can find a way to maintain the discipline, the rewards are abundant. For those that have not been able to gain many results from traditional methods, the keto approach is definitely something worth considering.  

Myths About Keto

1) Myth: You can eat any type of fat.

Truth: They mean eat good fats, not the unhealthy ones! Unhealthy fats: vegetable oil, canola oil and dairy. Healthy fats: wild caught salmon, olives, ghee, avocado and avocado oil, olive oil, some nuts (peanuts are not healthy), flaxseeds, coconut butter.

2) Myth: Eat tons of dairy.

Truth: Most people are lactose intolerant. Therefore eating lots of dairy is not healthy nor can their bodies tolerate dairy well. They will feel sluggish, fatigued and that their digestive system is off and not working as it should.

3) Myth: Eat mostly meat and fats.

Truth: What about vegetables? We should always eat a lots of vegetables no matter what diet we are on. We are born to eat them. Load up on those leafy greens, spinach, collards, chard as well as broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and asparagus!

4) Myth: I need to eat lots of protein.

Truth: People tend to eat too much protein and therefore do not go into Ketosis.  The Keto Diet ratios should be- 60-75 percent of your food should be from fat and 15-30 percent from protein. You should always: 

    • Plan your fat consumption first to make sure you are getting the proper ratio.
    • Decide how you are going to allocate the limited amount of carbohydrates you are allowed to eat.
    • Any calories that are still left over you can fill them in with protein.

5) Myth: You need to count calories

Truth: People tend to load up on protein over fat because it’s more filling. Plus, it can be lower in calories. But remember, counting calories is not the goal of the ketogenic diet. The goal is to enter ketosis, and to do that, you need to up your fat intake while drastically reducing the number of carbs you eat.

6) Myth: There aren’t any negative results to reducing carbs.

Truth: Due to the restriction of carbs, you lose a lot of water in the body. So, make sure that you drink more water to prevent dehydration while on Keto!

How Can I Stay On Track and Get The Best Results?

The most important part of any diet is sticking to it! And that is harder than it seems for most people. The trick is to find a plan tailored to suit your individual needs. Everybody is different and putting you in a one size fits all model does not always work. 

With any effective diet, you must find a way to be able to stay on it as much and as long as possible. One way to do this is with the Custom Keto Diet. This program allows you to create your very own, personalized, keto diet plan. This will be based on your food preferences, daily activity levels, height, weight and target weight goals.

This is what you get with Custom Keto Diet:

  • An eight-week meal plan created based on the expertise of certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs.
  • Meals that have calorie and macronutrient content tailored to their specific situation and goals.
  • A nutrition plan with food variety to ensure they will get a wide range of nutrients and boost the likelihood of sticking to their diet.
  • Meals that are based on personal food preferences to make their diet enjoyable and help them stay on track with their plan.
  • Detailed recipes with step-by-step instructions to make meal preparation super simple (no prior cooking experience needed).
  • A downloadable shopping list each week that details every needed ingredient they will need in the upcoming seven days.
  • Options on how they can customize every meal even more to suit your taste buds.
  • We’ll show them what to eat every day to reach their goals in the fastest and most enjoyable way.

This will definitely help you stay on Keto longer. You will continue to see results and eat more of what you like!

If you do not feel you are able to stick to the diet if you have to cook the meals yourself, there are also many Keto meal delivery services available.

Free Resources!

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With all of these resources you have all the ingredients to be successful in being healthy and losing weight!

In addition, here are some reviews of The Custom Keto Diet:

  • As of today I’ve lost 35 pounds, I have no hunger pangs and mentally I feel sharp as a pin. This is definitely going to become a ‘way of life’ for me as it’s so easy to follow…
    All my meals are planned out for me and I even get a downloadable shopping list with all the ingredients I need for the weekly shop so it really is a doddle.
    Katy Thompson, UK
  • I’m 4 weeks into my custom keto diet plan and I’ve lost 14 pounds which I must say is pretty incredible, it’s actually amazing watching my body transform into something I am actually proud of rather than something I have always tried to cover up.
    Jessica Grey, US





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