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If It Fits, I Sits: These 21 Cats Prove That No Space Is Too Tight

I love all the videos and photos out there of cats just being their silly and funny selves. They never fail to make me laugh or put a smile on my face. Here is an article that does just that so I thought I would share it to brighten your day! 

If It Fits, I Sits: These 21 Cats Prove That No Space Is Too Tight

Cats never fail to amaze us with their determination to fit into tight spaces, but the cats in these photos are the best of their best. Although it might look like some of them might not fit – where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We may never be 100% sure just why cats love to cram themselves into small spaces, but it probably has something to do with predation and safety. Cats are stalkers that rely on stealth and cover to hunt their prey. Most house cats have nothing to hunt, but their instinct to stay hidden remains. On the other hand, cats also enjoy tight places because they help them feel more secure – they can’t be reached and can easily observe their surroundings. Cats are small enough that they still must rely on prey instincts as well.

Thanks to their love for tight places, Bored Panda was earlier able to prove totally 100% scientifically that cats are liquids.

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