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Read These 5 Interesting Benefits of Family Bibles That Not Everybody Knows

History plays a huge role in how we exist now. The greatest history of all to know is of your own – your bloodline.

These records can be easily accessible if your beloved ancestors produced a family bible!

Whether you accept it or not, it’s really necessary for you to learn deeper about your family history. Why?

Read further to find out the great influence of family bibles and why you will want to create your own:

Let’s Learn about family bibles first…

Back in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, many families weren’t privileged to have access to courthouses or hospitals. That resulted in unrecorded births, deaths, marriages, and so forth.

Instead, ancestors carefully compiled, and kept their self-earned, and self-made records in a so-called family album. Family Bibles may also include family letters, clippings, certificates, and other items. 

1) Holds the Most Family History

Just like what has been stated earlier, most people from the earlier centuries weren’t able to have contact with churches and hospitals. But they knew that it was necessary to record family history to pass on to further generations. So, they chose the most accessible and most convenient thing to do – and that is to write everything down into family bibles. 

Logically, family bibles are like the traditional scrapbooks back in the old times. Special family occasions such as birthdays, deaths, marriage, even certificates, family letters and clippings are pasted in family bibles.

Isn’t it a cute way of keeping family history, huh?

2) Preserves Precious Memories

As your ancestors took the time and effort in making family bibles, one of the things that would have motivated them to continue, would have been the thought that they were preserving such precious memories. Through the family bible, you can learn about them and how they lived their lives. 

They may even share some words of wisdom about what they have learned in life or family traditions.

That’s why you can consider inheriting a family bible as an overwhelming privilege. Just imagine the magical feeling of opening the book and turning its pages – you would travel back in time. Wow! What a great way to time travel! 

3) Keeps the Family Tree Updated

The family bible often holds the birth and death of a family member in the bloodline. You know what? This is just one way to keep the family tree as alive as you can. 

Families have many factors in common, including their genes, environment, and lifestyle. You might also need to establish a family tree if you have a genetic disease or to see how likely you are to pass on a disease to your children.

Moreover, it’s also important to know your family tree to prevent accidental cases of incest or any other relativity issues that could happen. 

4) Helps in Tracking down Ancestors

If you think that family bibles are only best to hold family history, keep family trees up-to-date, and preserve memories, well you’re wrong. The records and everything kept in the family bible is considered as a primary source for tracking down ancestors. 

Tracking down ancestors may be linked into missing grandparents, long-lost great-grandparents due to war, long-lost twins,  and so forth. Photos and data in the bible are very much helpful to track down family members you would want to meet after a long time. 

5) Serves as Proof of Documents for Possible Genealogy Research

The family bible also works as a good proof of documents for possible genealogy research. The investigation can be about searching for a family member whom you lost contact with for a couple of decades or more, or a son or daughter you lost back then. 

The genealogist is the one to perform the genealogy research and do the best he/she can to deliver successful output. The possible family bible, photographs, other recorded documents would be the backbone of the whole genealogy research so you better know how important those things are. 

So, now that you’ve learned about the significance of family bibles, would you let the time pass to create your own? Hmmm, I bet you won’t.

Start your family bible now and be creative and patient enough in noting down the significant events that will come to your family. If you have stories to share, knock on our doors and share it with us because we always want to hear from you too. 

Create Your Own Family Bible


Kath Ramirez is a writing enthusiast and has devoted herself to helping others through her writing since she was her school’s newspaper editor-in-chief.

Aside from writing, she loves dogs (she has four dogs in total), she loves calligraphy writing and scrapbooking. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacations and is an enthusiastic foodie.

She is now a daytime writer for Worthington Clark Genealogy, a company in Australia who specifies in the field of genealogy.

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