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Tips on Improving Your Mental Well Being as a Mother

As a Mother, you know what it is like to be over-scheduled and to give and care for others more than you do for yourself. You know what it is like to put yourself last because someone who depends on you needs your time.

You know what it is like to work hard all day and come home to take care of responsibilities at home, too. Or you work hard at home all day and still your work does n0t end just because the sun sets.

Being on emotional and psychological overload has become a way of life for many women. They are strong and they can handle a lot, but sometimes in the cycle, they often lose sight of the fact that that in order to keep giving to those they love or doing what they love, they have to recharge, they have to center themselves again.

The following 9 tips can help you improve your mental well being and you will discover that when you feel better mentally, you feel better all over.

Ask for Help

Tip #1 If you are overextended, ask for help. If you feel like a mouse chasing the cheese and the cheese keeps four steps ahead of you, then you are doing too much. It is normal to want to handle responsibilities without wanting to ask for help. But when you are too busy, that can lead to feelings of stress or burning out. Ask family members and friends for help, even if it is just so you can go have a shower in peace while they are with the kids.

Support Network

Tip #2Join a club just for Moms near you. You will meet more mothers and create a much needed support group to help you on your journey. 

Be in Gratitude

Tip #3 – Be more positive. If you have relationships that are bad for you, it is time to cut ties. Surround yourself with positive people – people who will nourish you and support you. Let go of past emotional hurts and anything that ties you to a negative experience.

Stop and Breathe

Tip #4Just STOP! As a Mother, you are so busy, so on the go that you never just stop and do nothing. Even if you get time off, you are busy doing something that you feel has to be taken care of. Give yourself time to stop. If possible, take off – be unavailable to everyone but you.

Meditate, get involved in yoga or something else that relaxes you. Meditate, even if it is only for 5-10 minutes. This will make a huge difference!

Take on a New Hobby

Tip #5 – Take part in activities that you enjoy. We often let go of what we enjoy doing. We push it off to the side because we don’t feel we have the time. Make time for the activities you love.

Rest and Exercise

Tip #6 – Physical health, including rest and exercise, is closely tied in to your mental well being. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself through eating healthy, getting plenty of rest and exercising.

Take a Walk in Nature

Tip #7– Nature in all its beauty has an amazing way to help centre, balance and brig us back to gratitude and connectedness. Go for a walk in nature, appreciate its beauty, smell the flowers and take deep breaths of fresh air. 

If you have the opportunity to take your shoes off and be barefoot on the ground or in the grass even better. Allow Mother Earth and her amazing healing properties to help source you. 

Have an Outlet

Tip #8 – Unload your burdens. Do not carry around stress inside. We all need an outlet to talk about the things that bother or upset us. I do not mean constant complaining either (no-one want to hear that!). Talk to your friends, a therapist, or even use a journal to get out the things that give you a heavy mental load.

Make Your Passion a Reality

Tip #9 – Live your passion. If you feel stuck or you feel like life is passing you by – or this is not what you signed up for, change it. It is never too late to chase a passion you have. You might not be able to pack up and move to Paris today if that is your dream, but take smaller steps to reach that goal if that is what you feel in your heart.


I have been a professional nanny working with children of all ages for over 15 years. My work has taken me all over the globe and I have had many amazing adventures with the families that I have worked with, all of which has taught me a great deal about how to make parenting less stressful.

I helped create Mothers Lifestyle in order to share parenting tips and secrets that I learned along the way, as well as to provide life-saving tools and advice from the world’s leading experts that I rely on every day in my professional life.

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