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Writing and Burning Technique – Letting Go and Releasing the Pain of Old Wounds

There is so much emotional baggage we carry with us on a daily basis. These weigh us down and cause negative thoughts.

They can be from past relationships, conflicts, betrayals, pain from childhood and the list goes on. The process of letting it all go, moving forward, and healing old wounds is not necessarily an easy one, however, it is available to us all.

Why is it so Powerful?

Writing and Burning is a very powerful technique. The basic belief is that fire is a powerful purifying force and through the process of burning your material attachments and agendas, you can release stubborn parts of your psyche that you have been holding onto.

The process of fire physically transforming your piece of paper to ash symbolizes the letting go of your stubborn negative mental habits. Sometimes when other techniques, for example using affirmations, have not moved those negative feelings and patterns enough, this technique can be a very helpful tool. 

What you do

You write down on a piece of paper all of your negative feelings, hurt feelings, anger, self-anger, fears, grief, sadness, disappointments, etc.–anything that comes to you, there are no wrong feelings or thoughts.

Once you have written everything down without any judgement, burn your paper in a sacred ceremony, stating to the Universe, God, whatever you believe in, that you are ready and willing to let this negativity go. Thank the universe for transforming these negative feelings.

Find a fire-safe container, an empty kitchen sink or steel bucket (kept outside) usually works well for this. Or if you have a fireplace even better!

You can do this process daily, weekly or as often as you feel the need to. Expect some great changes using this technique!

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